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Keeping in mind we fund all of this ourselves and create this content around our very eventful lives….we have been away for a while! Did you notice?! But after a brief break from the podcast we are back to filming new episodes as i write this.  Yesterday we filmed two episodes that we are very excited about, as well as launching two new video series.


"...the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose."

Genesis 6:2 (NIV)

In the first podcast, Shares Tj and I (Keith) sat down to discuss our long time FEUD about the interpretation of Genesis 6:  “Was it Righteous men that took unsaved women as wives, or Angels that took human women as wives?!?"  We were at odds with each other for years, and we had plenty of laughs looking back at our disagreements!  The good news is we eventually came to the same understanding and spoiler alert…I was wrong!.  I was wrong and I fought them, ignorantly, for years but when the time was right and I took an honest look and it all came together for me.  We hope this is a good example of Christian fellowship even when there’s differences.  With enough time and open minds God can get everyone on the same page.

Also regarding this subject, check out the NEW BLOG by TJ about the Manifestation of the Sons of God

Later, we had our friend Pastor Emmanuel Doulat (picture here with his wife Sumera) join us to share our truly God Inspired first encounters with one another.  Recounting these stories from 4 points of views, in a sort of Gospel-like way.  We believe that you will agree with us that God truly did amazing things which created a lasting bond between us.  We continue to pray for and support Pastor Emmanuel’s missions in other countries, especially his home country of Pakistan. We talk at length about this and hope you all will consider supporting and joining this missions effort.  TJ and I are planning to travel there soon, to get eyes-on and hands-on with the work there, and to bring back a report for all of you. Please pray for the planning and provision of this effort.

Learn more and even Donate at 


Outside of filming NEW PODCASTS we have also started some new video projects.  One is the "5 minute Video” series, where I take Bible topics (sometimes complex) and deliver them in a simple, less than 5 minute format.  Hopefully this streamlines the information, making it easy to receive and able to reach more people. If the 5 minute versions spark interest in the subject, we will have the more exhaustive forms of videos covering all the information we have on the subject.  


Another new series we are excited about is the “Jewels’ series!  Anyone that knows us knows that we are bibliophiles, especially as it pertains to Christianity and Christian writings throughout history.  Writings from the first few hundreds years follow after Jesus Christ and His Apostles, the crucial time period know as the Reformation, and the more recent Great awakening, as well as many other times and places where knowledge and wisdom were being penned.  Realizing that not everyone has the passion for or even time for reading all these texts, we thought we could delivered great quotes and excerpts that we call “Jewels”, to the youtube audiences.  This way we make it possible for more people to receive these messages that contain so much value; some knowledge, some wisdom, some revelation, some encouragement, some preparation, and much more.  Similar to your Pastors teachings on Sunday morning, these quotes are based on Scripture (often quoting them) and contain very important and useful Biblical Truths.  We hope you enjoy and would love feedback!

We LOVE the support we are getting, we thank you very much for your Likes, Share, and Comments.    It really lets us know that this is worth our time and valuable to someone.

If you haven’t already, you can check out the online store where you can get some Acts 2and42 gear or digital content like charts and teachings tools.

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